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Wedding Time Table

 yStep1z Reservation and Planning i3 months to 6 months prior to weddingj

We would like to help plan your wedding image such as date, ceremony place, dress and tuxedo together at same place. iNormaly 3 or 4 sessionsj If you live out of Los Angeles, we could contact you on the phone, fax and e-mail. @ Do not worry about it, we will always stand beside you!

 yStep2z Fitting iAt least one day before the wedding)

Our trained stylist could fit you even one day before wedding. However, normaly 2 or 3 times fitting is required. Tolain bridal salon not only carries wedding gowns and tuxedoes, but we have accessories, veils, shoes and more. We have everyhthing you need.

 yStep3z Wedding Date: Make Up and Hair Set (2 hours 30 minutes before leaving)

Tolain Bridal has a make up station, you could do it all at our salon or our make-up artist would like to come to a place of your convinience.

 yStep4z Super Stretch LimousineiOptionj

One of your gorgeous accessories could be the Super Stretch Limousine.
Just relax! The Limousine will always stand by near you. (Normally you could stay about 2 hours at church)

 yStep5z Rehersal iAbout 20 minutesj

After you arrive, the rehersal will start. But you could do it anytime before wedding date. Also the photo and video session will start.

We would like to do the final check of your make-up, hair set and the wedding gown at the bride's room.

 yStep6z Celemony iabout 20 minutesj

Blessing and exchange of wedding rings. Exchange of vows. iPhoto and video session are continued.)

 yStep7z After the Ceremony.

We would like to arrenge your wedding ceremony and reception at the boat, yacht or even Doggers Stadium.


Please take a time for wedding preparationsI For example, the reservation should be made 6 months prior to the wedding and the invitation shoud be mailed by 3 months prior to the wedding.